Image Line’s ultimate modular exhibition Builders in London

We have prepared this guide, to help you make sure your next exhibition experience it the best it can be.

London has so many exhibition spaces available to organisers, from purpose constructed halls like Excel in the Docklands, Olympia, QEII centre, Business Design Centre to more quirky and unusual areas including The Royal Horticultural Halls, The Brewery, Tobacco Dock to 30 Euston Square. Each venue has its own set of rules and restrictions, some including height; others restricted install and dismantling times.

Modular exhibitions stands are perfect for London

As one of their main reason are they are usually compact and lightweight, so will fit in a car, small van which is very important in London. They are quick to assemble and take down another very good aid when exhibiting in London, as most organisers do not allow as longer build and dismantling as in other parts of the country, due to high costs of hiring space in London. Image Line Exhibition is number one modular exhibition builders in London.

Sort Out Logistics – how will your stand make it to location?

If you own the stand, then you need to decide whether you want your team to take your display to the show or hire an installation team to do this for you. London now has a number of charges, Ultra Low Emission Zone 24/7 (you need to check your vehicles and make sure there is no charge), the congestion charge and also very limited parking spaces for unloading and loading especially at the more unique and unusual venues.

If you are hiring the stand, then you need to check when the team is installing the stand. Who is going to take the other things for the stand, give aways, brochures, food and drink etc, you or your contractor. If you what time will the stand be ready for you to arrive with the goods so they can be secured away safely. Choose Image Line Exhibition is the best modular exhibition builders in London.

Install and Dismantle

Again, who’s doing the install and dismantle, a professional team or your own staff? If your team is doing the install, do they have their step-by-step build plans at the ready to guide them?

Choose Your Exhibiting Team

Who do you want on the stand? Pick a team that you think will work best to achieve the goals you’ve set. One often-overlooked element is training your team working an exhibition isn’t easy – tell them why you’re exhibiting, share objectives and key messages so that they can deliver. Don’t forget an on-stand briefing each morning to reinforce the task in hand. Image Line modular exhibition builders in London provides a training session for companies who want to make sure they are getting the most from their exhibition investments.

But the main choice is what modular system should you choose especially when you are exhibiting in London?

Image Line modular exhibition builders in London provides a free advice service to help customers make the right choices. We look at your business needs, how many times are you likely to exhibit, where you will be exhibiting, how often you will need to change the design of the graphics. Another vital element is size do you always have the same size stand or does it vary? We have a thorough checklist we use to help formulate decisions to meet needs and budgets.

Image Line also is able to offer all our systems for hire, purchase of mixture – buying the core elements and hiring from us extras when they are needed.

Our installation teams are very familiar with all the systems, so are fast and quick to assemble your stands. We can also do the first install with you to train you if you purchase your system from us.

Image Line’s main office is based in Docklands, London and our install team are highly experienced in getting around London to make sure they are there on time for your installation. Affordable modular exhibition builders In London.


Modular stand structures have components that are compact, re-configurable and re-usable

Folding kits are lightweight and easy to transport, even with graphics in-situ. Panels are finished in nylon fabric, available in a choice of 30 colours. This system is fixed and isn’t reconfigurable.

Panel and pole

This system was one of the first modular systems and offers great versatility and maximum flexibility. Existing stand layouts can easily be adapted on an event-by-event basis with extra panels. Accessories include shelves, lightboxes, cupboards, curved panels, lighting and table tops. Panel and pole stands can be reconfigured to create larger stands.

T3 Exhibition System

An unique, compact, reusable and reconfigurable bar and connector system. With components that twist and lock together, T3 is brilliantly simple to construct and requires no tools to build. Nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

Aluminum system

Is a range of modular aluminum extrusions: extruded aluminum profiles and connectors, which allow for the creation of stunning exhibition stand. The system can be redesigned to fit various sizes and shapes.


BeMatrix has the look and design of traditional custom built stands, whilst having the modularity and possibilities of a system. By combining the BeMatrix aluminum frames with panels or textile graphics in a clever way, it bridges the gap between traditional construction and prefabrication.

BeMatrix system offers you the look and feel of a frameless and seamless design.  This is because we fix our panels, textile graphics or alternative infills onto our frames and not in between structures, the structure is hardly visible. Giving you more space for your graphics and great clean design look.

Pop Ups and banner stands

With creative use of Pop Up and Banner Stand systems you can have design a highly effective exhibition stand.


The twist modular system will fulfil all of your portable exhibition stand requirements. Designed to be easily portable, the twist display can be used as a single banner stand back-drop or linked together to create a whole exhibition stand, shell scheme or portable exhibition stand.