Pop Ups Display Stands

Standard magnetic Pop Ups or the Fabric Pop Up systems provide a fast and easy way to display a larger image or messaging than banner stands. Each system can be set up in minutes, they are easy to transport and only needs one person to install and dismantle. 

  • Straight or curved systems
  • Large selection from 3×1 to 3 x 5
  • Single or double sided images
  • Frames or kits
  • From budget systems to the top end


Before choosing your Pop Up, ask yourself:

  1. What size is the best for the areas we need to cover?
  2. What shape of walling do we need – straight or curved?
  3. How often will your display need to be refreshed or changed for different items
  4. Do you want to reconfigure your displays for different events
  5. Will lighting be required? If so kits are best solutions
  6. What material do you want?