Eco-Magnetic EasyPop-up Popular Size Kit – Straight

The Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp is engineered for longevity.

No wonder this is a favourite display system: it is sturdy and compact, light to transport, quick to assemble and it packs a huge graphics punch. Infinitely flexible, its modular design allows you to combine as many panels as your imagination allows in a staggering array of shapes and sizes.

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The lifetime warranty means what it says: top-quality plastics and aluminium ensure the system retains its structural integrity — exhibition after exhibition. What you display may move on year after year, so your Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp is designed for that.

Setting up an Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp display is child’s play. Clip on magnetic bars which ensure total structural stability, then hang panels from hooks at the top of the frame and allow them to fall into place on the vertical magnetic bars, ensuring exact registration between panels.

Because we use high-quality, multi-pole magnetic tape on both bars and panels, our customers suffer none of the problems of panel alignment dreaded by users of systems with steel bars.
Our panels stick, and stick in the right place!

Modular design

Is this the most adaptable graphic system available? We think so, and so do those customers — large and small — who appreciate this combination of strength, stability, flexibility and optimum display area.
Virtually any length and up to 4.4m high.

Lifetime warranty

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3×3 Fabric Case, 3×3, 4×3


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