Face Mask Foam Multi Use

Our foam mask is less than half the cost per month of 3 ply paper masks because it is washable and re-usable meaning it is equivalent to up to 30 x 3 ply masks- £4.65 each (ex VAT and delivery)

Our foam multi-usage face mask is a filtration foam fluid barrier, made in the UK, designed to prevent the transfer of droplets from and to the wearer. The fluid barrier has excellent edge sealing characteristics giving high levels of protection to the wearer and surrounding contacts. Made from polyurethane foam providing a fine matrix of open cells* ranging in sizes 200-500 microns. The thickness of the foam mask is 5mm giving a deep section to stop the flow of particles or droplets. Designed to combat virus-bearing droplets by means of filtration via a complex pathway helping you to give maximum protection when you are wearing the mask. Seals around the sides of the mask preventing jets of air being released unfiltered. Sold in packs of 5 – minimum order at present is 100 masks.


Our foam mask contains Biomaster which is an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria contains inbuilt antimicrobial protection effective for the lifetime of the face covering.

*The open cells are arranged in a complex randomised structure which means that air and any suspended components (e.g. droplets) cannot be transmitted in a straight line and thus it forms an effective filter medium against much finer particles than the cell size

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Weight 5 kg


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