SEG Fabric LED Flood Lights (Twin Pack)

Perfect for car dealers. Fits under the wheel of a car, using the weight of the car to secure the flag. Can be used on soft and hard surfaces. Suitable for all of our flags at all sizes.

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Don't let the compact design fool you - this small LED light is capable of producing 1200 lumen but only consumes a small amount of energy, making it far more efficient than halogen equivalents.

The LED Flood Light design allows the lights to be daisy-chained from a single transformer (up to a maximum of five). There is no need for extra transformers - just link them together with the included linking cables. One linking cable is supplied with each twin pack.

  • Low Voltage
  • 5631 Kelvin
  • Linkable (maximum of five lights in one chain)
  • Up to four times more efficient than halogen lights
  • Up to 22,000 hours of use

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