Stretch Fabric Counters

  • Lightweight and strong aluminum hardware components.
  • Includes a bespoke-printed graphic on Stretch Fabric.
  • Printed in-house on a VUTEk FabriVU 340.
  • Includes a carry bag that contains the unit hardware and can also hold the graphic for easy portability and transportation.


Stretch Fabric Counters consist of four strong, lightweight, tubular aluminum poles, counter-top and base, and a printed fabric cover.

The 260gsm 'stretch' fabric cover is designed to fit snugly over the counter-top and base. It is then tensioned by securing the silicone edge in the grooves of the counter-top and base. After the graphic has been applied, the result is a seamless look, with the inside of the unit completely hidden from all angles.

The inside of the unit is hollow, and as an example, can be used for storage of marketing material at an exhibition. Access is only via placing the counter from above.

Easy for one person to assemble in just 7-10 minutes!!


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Rectangle Stretch Counter


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