Antimicrobial/ Antivirus Film & 

Copper Tape

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Covid Safe – with solutions that inactivates 99.98% of coronaviruse/Covid 19 in minutes*


  • Copper tape pre-cut to fit door handles, trolleys, windows and much more full details below


  • High-Transparent Antimicrobial Film and Fabric – cut to any size.  High-functional, with a high-transparent-antimicrobial coating to remove various pathogenic bacterial. Plain or printed full colour with your images, messages and designs.

* Copper tape certificate on request


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Infection protection for employees, customers
and families.

Did you know that Copper has been used to protect against diseases for centuries due to its antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties? In contrast to metallic copper, this copper tape has a 7-fold higher release of copper ions.

International studies have repeatedly proven that copper has antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties, shortening the half-life of viruses, bacteria and fungi.1 EA study carried out on behalf of the US authorities has shown that copper also inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a very short time.2 The latest laboratory results also independently confirm the effectiveness of this Copper-Tape. The Eurovir® hygiene laboratory was able to prove that TGEV coronaviruses on the tape are 99.98% inactivated after only 60 minutes. The renowned Hohenstein Institute has also confirms the significant virucidal and strong antibacterial effectiveness of copper textiles.
Because of its positive properties, hospitals use door handles made of solid copper.3 

Just stick it on and you will be protected against viruses.

The copper tape is a polyamide fleece finished with pure copper, provided with a self-adhesive film on the back. It can be easily attached to door and window handles, handrails or other potential sources of germs and inactivates viruses as well as bacteria and fungal spores within a very short time.

copper fitting stage 3  bar with copper fitting


Air Purity Anti-microbial PET Clear Film

Just attach the film on screens, buttons and handles anywhere people frequently are in contact with a hard surface to reduce bacteria on peoples hands and the surface it is applied to.

  • Antibacterial rate: 99.99%
  • Silicone Self-adhesive
  • Easy to install with bubble-free adhesive
  • Repositionable & Removable
  • No residue left after removal Ideal for:
  • Screen covers – phones, tablets, I-Pads, computers, monitor and many more
  • Door entry systems
  • Lift button pads
  • Handle covers
  • Trolley bars
  • Windows
  • Surface coverage
  • Plain or printed in full colour
window with film plus hand
Door handle with Airpurity film
Desk with Airpurity film
Lift buttons with Airpurity film
airpurity rollerblinds
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airpurity desk sticker

Airpurity freetex® self Adhesive anti-microbial coated fabric

Available in either 420 microns or 300 microns


  • An eco-friendly, breathable anti-microbial coated fabric for minimizing the spread of the bacteria.
  • It sucks up moisture, oil, germs and pollutants from the hand and sterilizes them immediately.
  • Up to 80% germs absorption, 99.9% anti-bacterial.
  • With its micro-porous surface the fabric captures various odour molecules including odours flowing in the air and decomposes them into being odourless by a solid chemical catalyst and harmless anti-microbial substances.
  • The fabric has a removable self-adhesive on the back for easy installation on various surfaces
  • Suitable for 3 ~ 6 months use depending on usage and circumstances.
  • PVC free and RoHS certified
  • Can be supplied plain or printed from your artwork supplied

Ideal for:

  • Roller Banner
  • Screens and dividers
  • Desk cover in office /school/hairdressers/barbers/retail
  • Roller Blinds
  • Interior decoration – wall coverings
  • Surface cover in a public area 
  • Computer mouse pads etc 

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  • We have a full range of products from highly affordable solutions, plus branding options on many items, to high-end Savile Row masks
  • Reusable modular systems providing
  • Hygiene and PPE solutions including copper tape for handles and trolleys virtually 100% effectiveness.
  • Unique reconfigurable design wherever possible
  • Modular solutions which require no tools required and easy and quick to build
  • Premium finish using high-quality materials
  • Modular solutions to adapt over time – you can reconfigure when this is all over
  • Multiple sizes available or bespoke to suit your layout
  • Range of customisable options and complementary products to create complete solutions for your environment
  • Wipes clean with alcohol-based products
  • Many items are manufactured in the UK
  • Suitable for a range of environments in your shops and mobile solutions for home visits

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