Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Bematrix System

Bematrix Systems: The search for innovative but affordable Exhibition Stand Frames is over:

Introducing BeMatrix

Looking for the right modular display system can be difficult and challenging since there are so many options to choose from as well as whether buy or hire. Many exhibitions stand systems are time-consuming in their building process, as well as expensive and difficult in their assembly. Having the option of a cost-effective, easy to handle, attractive-looking and the capable system makes lives so much easier.

Believe it or not, this option is already out there. It is called BeMatrix systems and it will become your best friend on your next exhibition, conference or sales meeting.

But what is it exactly that makes the BeMatrix System so unique, versatile and one of the best modular systems available today?

Its innovative Design

The aluminium frames can be combined with both panels and textiles, creating the perfect mixture of modern solids and traditional wood construction or prefabrication. The infills are fixed onto the frames, not in between the structures, which makes the frames hardly visible. This not only gives you more space but also promises a clean and custom-build look.

BeMatrix systems allow you to constantly change the look and feel of your stand and also change it according to the floor space you have purchased. Panels can be saved and used time and time again, or you can completely change the stand graphics every show, the choice is yours.

Its Versatility and Flexibility

The BeMatrix available in a wide range of different shapes and forms, making them compatible with almost everything. They can be used for walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as being usable in all kinds of configurations, combinations, and dimensions, giving you the possibility to design them according to your wildest imaginations.

LED skin video tiles can be integrated into the walls, as can display elements that are either printed, painted, spotlit, etc. You can add textile, PVC panels, Dibond, wood, acrylic glass, glass, false walls and much more.

To summarise; not only is the BeMatrix frames very aesthetically pleasing, but they are also combinable with many extras to make your exhibition stand out of the crowd.

BeMatrix systems if you buy it is suitable for people to build themselves, though does need understanding on how to construct the stands or you can hire professional stand builders to install and dismantle it for you.

Don’t have to buy you can hire or combine hiring and buying.

The choice is yours whether to buy the frames for your stand, hire them or a combination of purchasing a core amount and hiring when needed.

Also if you are unsure if BeMatrix system is right for you then hire before buying it.

GTS (Rotterdam)

Port Of Dover (NEC Birmingham)

Bematrix Systems environmentally friendly

All of the BeMatrix frames are reusable, which cuts out waste. Also, the use of harmful substances such as glue and paint is prevented as much as possible. Besides that, the frames are 100% recyclable which reduces the waste to an absolute minimum.

So in conclusion: BeMatrix system offers you an exhibition stand frame that will be built up in no time due to its lightweight aluminium construction. This leads to you saving money and time, as well as personnel to build it up. Besides its slim and lightweight frame, it is still incredibly strong, being able to carry anything from LED skin video tiles over paintings to wall hangings.

Furthermore, the BeMatrix frames offer an innovative design, combinable with wood panels or textiles, leading to uncountable varieties of different designs for your exhibition stand.

Infills are fixed onto the frames, making the structures nearly invisible. This gives you more space to fill and results in a clean and customised look.

Usable for walls, ceilings and floors in every shape and form imaginable, the versatility and capability of the frames is undisputed.

So if these points are enough to make you understand that the BeMatrix system is one of the best in the market, you can have whilst also being comparably affordable, for your next exhibition, you know who to call and to ask for the BeMatrix system.

GI Group .(Hamburg)

V Group (Hamburg)

Seatrade (Hamburg)

Port Of Dover (NEC Birmingham)