beMatrix is the only modular system in the market that is virtually invisible


beMatrix has the look and design of traditional custom built stands, whilst having the modularity and possibilities of a system… What you do not see is what you get!

By combining the beMatrix aluminium frames with panels or textile graphics in a clever way, beMatrix bridges the gap between traditional construction and prefabrication.

beMartix system offers you the look and feel of a frameless and seamless look.  This is because we fix our panels, textile graphics or alternative infills onto our frames and not in between structures, the structure is hardly visible. Giving you more space for your graphics and great clean design look.

As the beMatrix structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

  • It combines the modular aspect with a custom-built look.
  • Great ROI thanks to a fast build-up and endless reusability. You save on material and manpower.
  • Modular and multi-purpose: The same frame is suitable for both panels and textile.
  • The most sustainable system on the market: limited use of infills, endless reusable and modular frames and a reasonably lightweight system.

Image Line offers both hire and outright purchase stands in beMatrix and our design team are able to help you design your stand and also with reconfigurable options as you need them.