Shell Scheme Stands – take them to the next level with the T3 Shell-Kit UK



Shell Scheme Displays

Revolutionise the way you create your shell scheme displays with T3. Using our T3Shell-Kit, you can create seamless, unbroken graphics for a professional, sleek finish; open up space for meaningful conversations. Quick and easy, and without the need of tools, this innovative clamp attaches to any shell scheme frameworkfor a shell scheme display that’s guaranteed to impress. 

Reconfigure, Reuse, Reimagine

Maximise floor space and graphic impact

Showcase your brand messaging with flawless graphics whilst utilising the most of your exhibiting space. No more visible shell scheme framework of panelled graphics; no more chunky pop-ups taking up exhibiting space. With the T3 Shell-Kit you can clad your shell scheme with totally seamless graphics that aren’t broken up. And you can create back display walls that sit just 60mm away from the shell scheme wall.  

T3 Shell-Kit framework can be used with rollable, rigid or fabric graphics. 


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How it works

The T3 Shell Kit has been designed to fix directly to the shell scheme and securely attaches your T3 display walls to the shell scheme.  The T3 Shell Kit sits just 60mm away from the shell scheme allowing exhibitors to create an inviting exhibition stand to really show-off their product or service. What’s more, once the basic shell is complete, clients can include additional features to their stand depending on their needs. This includes counters, product displays, AV features, lighting and shelving.

Step 1

Starting with the clamp at 90° to its finished position, place the locking insert into the channel of the shell scheme upright.

Step 2

Turn the clamp 90°. Twist the wheel inside the clamp to tighten and secure the T3 clamp to the shell scheme in the upright position.

Step 3

The T3 beam can now be positioned in the clamp. Simply twist the knob underneath to secure the beam in the clamp.

The T3 Shell Kit is ideal because:

  • It helps you maximise every inch of space
  • It covers unsightly aluminium uprights
  • It is cost-effective as its reconfigurable for future events
  • It can be converted to a freestanding display as your requirements grow

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