Pop Up Modular Exhibition Solutions

Portable Architecture 

The beauty of architectural Pop Up systems as a modular exhibition solution is that they are flexible can be self-build and you can reconfigure time and time again.

Our Architecture Pop Up systems are lightweight aluminum framed stands, that pop up in seconds. Magnetic bars are then inserted into the framework to which seamless graphics or fabric panels are attached. The Pop Ups can be used individually or linked together and frames are available either curved or straight.

Pop Ups, when used as a modular stand solution, are scalability as standard, you have the ability to add or remove panels, using lining panels to create an exhibition stand that meets your every need.

Pop Up modular stands can have applied a range of accessories and attachments, they are lightweight and can be built without the need for any tools.

Taking advantage of different heights

One element not to overlook is that we are able to offer you a range of height difference in our Pop Up modular stand range.  Our midi pop up stands, is only 1.8m in height allowing for you to have an attractive look and feel to your exhibition design for your stand. Blend these with our normal height of 2.2m high, plus you have the ability to add our mega height Pop Up frames which are 3m high and you can understand the design capabilities this brings.

Bridging Towers and Stands

To help make your stand work as one integrated design we are able to offer you the ability to link elements together with bridging panels.



Pop Up modular stands are perfect for the exhibitor who is used to self-building their stands.

For exhibitors who attend regularly exhibitions and don’t always have the same stand size and configuration. Who need the flexibility to be able to adapt their exhibition or display stand to different sized exhibition spaces. Also Pop Up modular solutions are all conveniently packable into carrying cases so they can be used easily in different locations and countries.

By working with our design team, any shape stand can be achieved, with ease, using engaging curves, balanced with impactful straight walls.

Don’t forget that we have a large range of accessories including, showcase units, tables, shelves, slat-walls and screens and you have a system that’s ideal for any self-build exhibitor.

  • Recreate and redesign your stand time and time again

  • Change the shape and size as you need to, so it will fit your exhibiting space

  • A vast range of Pop Up frame sizes to choose from, curved and straight frames

  • Pop Ups are totally lightweight and very compact for easy storage and transportation

Don’t forget you can easily reconfigure your modular Pop Up stands and also use them as stand-alone display – fantastic value for money.


Our in-house design team will be able to create a stand to meet all your needs and exhibition objectives.

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