Modular Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect marketing tool for showcasing a brand’s products and services in a face to face environment. This is an ideal opportunity for companies to engage and interact on a direct basis; exhibitions offer the ideal tool to engage with prospects, customers and influencers in the buying decisions. One thing that remains the core of any exhibition is your exhibition stand. Exhibitors around the world hunt for compelling and alluring exhibition stands that will help their brand stand apart. One of the major and key decisions is to choose whether to go for a modular exhibition stand or custom exhibition stand. Just like being two sides of the same coin, both modular and custom exhibition stands have their respective advantages and disadvantages. So, before you invest your time and money into picking the right solution, it is important that you get a thorough idea about both the types of stands.

Depending on how many exhibitions you exhibit at each year, it can expensive for infrequent exhibitors, small and medium sized businesses to have their stands custom built. So before you choose your exhibition stand space and the way you want it to look, it is important that you establish few parameters to facilitate the planning process.

Let us highlight for you some of the factors that need your attention and answering prior to booking the stand space.

• Is this a one off exhibition or part of a planned number of shows?
• The budget for the exhibition – this should include, space, stand, hotels, travelling, subsistence for the people working on the stand, any entertaining you plan to do i.e. customer dinners, attending Awards Dinners etc
• The preferred booth size and what you need within the space i.e. private meeting area, catering point, demo areas etc
• Do you require the exhibition stand as a one off or for multiple shows?
• Are you looking to incorporate digitised technology into your booth?
• Are there other designs elements that you want to include, for example lighting effects, monitors/screens colours, additional accessories etc?
After you have gained all the above information, then you can begin to think about booking the space. Next you then need to choose your preferred exhibition stand, whether its shell dressing, modular or custom stand, based on specific exhibiting needs of your company.
Here we go into detail and help you to explore the merits of modular stand versus a custom built stand, this will help you to select your perfect exhibition stand.

Shell Scheme Stands often the cheapest way to exhibit, though the less flexible.
Many exhibitors don’t have the large workforce that enables them to have people out of the office building and assembling exhibition stands. In these cases, either shell cladding or having a little compact and modular display is ideal.

This type of exhibiting enables from a singular person to a small group to be able to install the booths display elements and structures rapidly and effectively. The speedy and simple way of exhibiting this way has its advantages, usually the fastest time and lowest cost option for a stand, but doesn’t have the brand positioning that taking your stand to higher levels offers.

Taking it up a level or two – high impact, eye-catching design stands – Modular Exhibition Stand solutions.

Modular exhibition stands, cover a vast range of solutions, from notching it up a level or two and utilising some of the elements used in shell scheme dressing, Pop Ups, Banner Stands with a Twist to top of the range, highly sophisticated looks and systems that are specially designed and are visually equivalent in look to a purposed custom built stand. Modular stand come in every size and with pre-fabricated elements, making the installation and dismantling simpler and quicker. All these factors comprehensively make modular systems the ideal solution for every exhibition.

Modular stands as detailed above therefore cover a vast array of options, looks and price points. Here are 7 Advantages of Modular Exhibition Stands

1. Brings more flair and style to your exhibition presence
Modular stand systems can effectively add a stylish edge to the visual appeal of your exhibition stand. Most of the system are highly graphic focused and are a fantastic way of showing off brands, products and service through engaging graphic displays.

2. Adapts to changing floor space sizes and configurations
Modular exhibition stands are extremely adaptable and can be re-configured to suit changing space sizes and configurations. Whether you have a small exhibition space or free space and even some shell scheme stands, modular exhibition stand solutions adapts perfectly into these spaces.

3. Reusable
Another advantage of modular exhibition stands is the longevity they offer. Being reusability and re-configurable you can use them time after time. You just invest in a modular exhibition system once and then reuse it for multiple shows.

4. Easy to assemble
As modular exhibition stands are formed from pre-fabricated parts this helps in easy installation and dismantling. You can save time and extra labour costs using a modular stand system.

5. Easy to transport
Being portable is one of the best features of modular display systems. This means exhibitors can transport their entire stand in a hassle-free way.

6. One system, multiple shows. If you have a calendar of exhibitions to participate in then a one-time investment multi use, must surely be your priority. Modular stands ensure the maximum return on investment by the flexibility of exhibiting with the same system at multiple shows and sizing.

7. Return on Investment
All the above advantages offer a high return on investment; thereby making modular exhibition stands the perfect solution and gives a fantastic return for the cost.

Advantages of custom exhibition stands

So far we have looked at the benefits of modular reusable exhibition stands now let us take a look into the benefits that customs exhibition stands offer:
1. Unique look – totally bespoke stand
Custom exhibition stands are often innovative and unique. They instantly draw the attention of visitors, which is necessary to stand out on a competitive trade floor. You get the opportunity to experiment with some innovative concepts and come up with something that is both unique and creative.

2. No limitations to reflect your brand and company
A custom exhibition stand is designed and built to exactly match the brief, rarely is there a need to compromise apart from cost. By working with an experienced stand designer it will become a true extension of your brand and company. Endless creativity and opportunity to design and create an exhibition stand that expresses exactly who you are, what you stand for and your company’s values.

3. Durability and originality
Custom exhibition stands if commissioned correctly can be design and made in such a way that they can be used for a run of shows and reconfigured to match each stand space. A custom exhibition stand due to the materials used to build it will be more robust and durable when compared to a modular stand, as they are traditionally made from heavy materials which are usually timber based and structural metal elements. They do therefore take longer to build and need very careful storage between shows.

4 Disadvantages of Modular Exhibition Stands

1. Design constraint
Unlike the custom stands, modular exhibition systems do not give complete freedom to create unique concepts into designs and stands. There are limitations with the system that have to accounted for.
2. Difficulties in storing
After the show end modular systems will need storing, if space is an issue then, you will need to get your exhibiting company partner to store the elements for you. This will mean adding an additional cost.

3. Maintenance
This is another disadvantage you need to consider. Some modular stands will require cleaning and storing properly in the dry, clean space. The systems elements need to be checked after several uses and may need attention – especially if Velcro is used to adhere the graphics/panels to the system, this may need changing after several shows.

4. Not applicable for every trade show
One factor worth considering is the assembly time, not all exhibitions will give you enough time to sensible install a modular stand, especially the one day shows. Also if you vary the size of stand space you book, then you may not have enough system to sensible create a good looking stand (though we do hire our systems as well, so you can add to your system this way).


Our bespoke and creative exhibition services London UK

Custom designed and built stands and Modular exhibition systems that meet all budgets and briefs.

Custom designed and build stands

We can produce a unique bespoke exhibition stand London that is designed and built to suit the specific needs of your exhibition. But this doesn’t mean that they have limited use. We specialise in designing versatile, re-usable exhibition stands that can be stored and used on many occasions if you prefer.

Take the long view. Why throw your exhibition investment away after the event when we can store, re-brand and rework the stand to make it look fresh and eye catching for your next exhibition show at a lower cost? Our project quotes hold no after-the-event surprises or hidden extras. Just to make sure we’ll even estimate any on-site service charges for you as well. We are the number one bespoke modular exhibition stands builder in London

Modular exhibition stands builders and designers

Image Line provides a wide selection of modular display systems each of which has a unique design. Below is a quick overview of our modular stands, if you would like more information click the link to visit our dedicated pages for each modular display system. Systems are available for purchase or hire.

Our specialist installation team will help manage all your exhibition logistics, from transporting the stand and materials to the venue to fully installing it ready for you to use. As part of our standard service we prepare all method statement and conduct a risk analysis that are now required by the organisers. Image Line Exhibition is the top modular exhibition stands builder in London UK

Alu modular system for stands and events

Our Alu modular systems have the look of a traditional build stand, whilst having the modularity and possibilities of a system. What you do not see is the secret!

The panels or textile graphics are fixed into the frames the structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for the images and giving it a clean almost seamless design look. As the structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

  • Aluminium frames are reasonably light and easy to connect – no tools are needed.
  • Saves time and labour (if using an installation team or your own!)
  • Build-up and dismantling periods are shorter

Crosswire Displays/Truss Systems

Introducing our  Truss systems. Trusswire is a 20cmx20cm truss system that collapses for easy storage and transportation. Crosswire’s 10cmx10cm truss system is highly versatile and light. As it’s particularly versatile and light assembly is quick and easy and doesn’t require specialist tools.


The T3 structure’s sturdy and light design simplifies stand construction, transportation and installation. Time is saved and labour reduced so exhibition costs fall dramatically.

Aluminum Profile System

The aluminum profile system provides considerable flexibility for exhibitors.

We can use the system for the whole stand, key features or stand furniture and it is available either to hire or for outright purchase. Using our creative licence we can create striking and memorable structures that add gravitas to your exhibition stand and get you noticed.

Linear Aluminium system

The Linear exhibition display system comprises a unique range of aluminum frame profiles, components and accessories which provide the most cost-effective modular system.

Linear exhibition display kits are ideal for all types of promotion, exhibition or semi-permanent display. As the kits are modular, they can be added to and reconfigured for a variety of uses. We also offer a wide range of graphic fixing options.

Vector Aluminium system

Vector is our mid-range exhibition display solution with seamless graphic walls that use either dye sublimation fabric graphics or rigid substrates. With this display system you can adapt the stand to suit multiple size exhibition areas.


Pop Up Display Units

Pop Up display stands are an ideal way to create a large seamless graphic display in minutes. Our Pop Ups have extendable fully magnetic graphics fixings bars that allow you to construct your portable displays with ease.

Whatever your exhibition space there’s a size to fit. We offer an additional option of customised pop up designs in different styles and configurations to fit specific display needs.

Custom Modular Panel Systems

Available from a range of panel display system ranges including feature panels, lockable doors, curved panels, tabletops, slat wall and replaceable graphic panels. These are ideal for adding graphics to your modular display and can be used to create presentations or displays, from desktop to full custom bespoke modular exhibition stand.

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