Your business will be returning to a ‘new world’ – one which will be initially focused on health and safety concerns. Unless your business is totally online and your customers never come in contact with your operations in any physical way, then you need to be prepared to instruct, inform, safeguard and keep those customers confident about the way you run your premises.

But it is also your duty to keep your employees, suppliers and visitors equally well prepared and safeguarded. To do this we are all going to have to come to terms with the need for proper instructive signage, hand sanitiser provisions and a range of shields and partitioning units that will become expected by employees and your customers. The need to be ready for the re-opening of your business has moved a step forward by the latest announcement from the Government of the easing of retail restrictions in some sectors.

There is no doubt that we are all apprehensive about the way we are interacting during the pandemic and this will not change in the short-term. Masks will be a ‘normal’ feature of everyday life for many months to come and you will need to ensure your employees’ concerns are addressed in terms of personal protective equipment. When we selected our range of signage and PPE items, the main products we designed to protect, support and communicate crucial information in a highly effective and flexible way.

Health and safety is the number one priority and so our selected solutions are quick to deploy and simple to use to achieve this. We understand that adding these products and deploying them in an effective way will be both time-consuming (no matter how short that time is) and an extra cost. What we also know is that without them, your business will not be greeted with the same enthusiasm by employees and customers.

The next few months will be challenging, particularly for those businesses relying on footfall. So it makes sense to ensure shops, factories, stores, cafes, bars and any other public outlets are welcoming and assuring to customers. Your employees will be the first to appreciate your efforts and without them your business will take another financial hit. What you really need now is to keep those early customers also feel comfortable.

With protective screens, the right informative signage and PPE items, your employees will feel confident they are being looked after and will be ready to kickstart your business. The same will apply to your customers: in fact anyone who visits your premises will need to be reassured of your commitment to health and safety. With the correct signage, easy to deploy protective office and desk shields, plus a range of products to keep everyone informed, it seems a small price to pay to restart your business and keep both employees and customers feeling comfortable and ready to do business with you.

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