Andrew Parkinson of New Creations was looking for 8-10 strong secure cases to transport his new LED display lights…he currently uses our Aluminium case but they are restricted to the number of lights they can accommodate.

lighting case

Andrew ideally needed off the shelf cases but would consider a bespoke solution. We considered his requirement and looking at our cases the nearest durable case we have stock size is our hard case shown below, it has a carry handle and wheels for ease of movement,

External size – 930mm x 300mm x 150mm.

Internal size – 900mm x 260mm x 120mm

Weight – 4KG each

Cost 6-10 cases £37.00 each excluding delivery and vat. 

We considered further how Andrew was going to pack his lights and move them to and from events and suggested he considered using a larger square hard case with wheels see attached, this would reduce the number of cases he would require to 3 and they were just 6Kg each in weight.

External size – 950mm x 410mm x 350mm.

Weight – 6KG each

Cost 3-4 cases £47.00 each excluding delivery and vat.

Andrew thanked us for our suggestions and thought the hard cases were a good solution to transporting his lights, also that it gave a cost saving of £229.00 on the cases and 22Kg in case weight.

“It’s great when a supplier finds the perfect solution for what you need: Tom at Image Line did it quickly, and came up with cases that were ideal for our touring needs, cases that will save us time and space, (and even a few quid) compared with what we’ve been using before. ” Andrew