T3 Social Distancing Solutions 

Social Distancing Solutions Within Your Premises

Through the T3 Modular System, we now able to offer a range of solutions perfect for ensuring social distancing within your premises. T3 is one of the world’s most versatile modular system. Its unique design and innovation forms a strong structure that can be assembled in a matter of minutes and all with a simple twist and lock functionality – no tools, no special knowledge.

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Desk Dividers and Partitioning

It is simple to create a safe and professional working environment using T3 for your desk dividers and partitioning. These highly easy and quick to install modular solutions reinforce social distancing without any compromise to your productivity. The desk dividers/partitioning are fully customisable and easy to add your branding to create a unique solution for your business environment.

  • Self-build desk & workstation dividers/partitioning
  • Create Easy Temporary office cubicles
  • Floor & desktop standing dividers
  • Standard and custom options available – standard buy online now

Desk Partitioning

By using T3 modular walling will help to reduce risk and provide safety measures between your desks. These desk partitions are fully customisable and brandable, ensuring you maintain your brand in a protected within a safe environment. Combine with other social distancing products to create a completely protected environment.

  • No tool, no special skills needed, self-build modular desk partitions
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Customisable to suit individual requirements – set sizes available to buy online now
Before partioning
After partioning

Modular Walling

By using the T3 modular walling it is quick and easy to create zoning, walkways, semi-private workspaces and partitions. Perfect for dividing up open-plan areas,  providing practical solutions whilst creating stylish, design-led environments. Find out how we can create a completely bespoke solution tailored to your brand and environment!

  • T3 modular freestanding walling solutions
  • T3 hinged walling
  • T3 walls with feet or on castor wheels
  • Set panels or a complete bespoke solutions

Divide open-plan spaces with quick and easy-to-build modular hinged walling. Designed to cover large areas within environments to safeguard all occupants and reduce risk by implementing social distancing measures between desks and workstations.

Hospitality, Social and Medical Solutions

Protection Screens, Counter Guards for hospitality, retail and medical

T3 social distancing solutions allowing you to provide safety and protection when face-to-face contact is everyday part of your business, by using screens and walling to your reduce risk, without compromising human interaction:

  • Sneeze guards and protection screens
  • Retail, hospitality and medical screens
  • Acrylic protection screens insert and can be branded

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Essentials items 

To complete the safety of your environment, make sure you check out some of our essentials:

  • Sanitiser and hygiene stations
  • Information and distancing stickers for floors and walkways
  • Roller banner units ideal for signage
  • Internal queueing and queue management systems

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T3 is the world’s most versatile modular display system.

T3 is an unique, compact, reusable, versatile and highly reconfigurable modular system.
Easy and simple as the components just twist and lock together, T3 is also brilliantly simple to put together and requires no tools at all.

There is virtually nothing competes with T3 for speed and ease of build.

T3 key features include:
• Unique reconfigurable design
• No tools required and easy and quick to build
• Premium finish using high quality materials
• Modular to adapt over time – you can reconfigure when this is all over
• Multiple sizes available or bespoke to suit your room layout
• Range of customisable options and complementary products to create
complete solutions for your environment
• Wipes clean with alcohol-based products
• Made using lightweight aluminium and manufactured in the UK
• Suitable for a range of environments including offices, schools, call
centres, co-working spaces, in-store retail, and more

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customised and special branded solutions can be quote quickly for you.

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