T3 Modular Exhibition Stand System Ideas

Over is the process of complicated and time-consuming Exhibition Stand build-ups: With the T3 Modular Exhibition Stand System

T3 – an exhibition stand system that requires no tools in its build-up wouldn’t that be the most practical invention ever made? Yes, it would indeed. Well it has already been designed and successfully been used for a number of years and is ready for you to use it.

Image Line Exhibition UK offers this, with its T3 modular exhibition stands. This lightweight aluminium click system can be built up by connecting and twisting the individual components together through a connecting node block. By simply twisting them together, you lock them in place and it is ready to go. You need, no tools or team of personnel to build the stand. This saves you not only money, but also time and storage space since all the T3 Modular Exhibition Stands are compact and portable. What an easy and fast process this is!

But what else sets the T3 Modular Exhibition Stands apart from any others on the market?

There are many factors that make them stand out from the crowd, starting off with their Innovative and ambitious designs

T3 Systems is perfect for unique and challenging designs and allows our clients to try out new and innovative displays.

Fabric and roll-up PVC are printed in large sections  by us, which creates dramatic, seamless graphic walls, which can also be backlit, leading to a brighter display and a maximum of saturation and colour depth.

The T3 Modular exhibition stands are also able to incorporate different design displays and are adaptable to any shape or form you could possibly think of.

From attaching screens, AV and lightboxes to adding shelving, gantries and counters, the possibilities are unlimited.

By giving you so many options to add individual features to the frames, the finished design looks completely individually and customised.

Another great feature of the T3 Modular Exhibition Stand that you do not want to miss out on is its Unlimited versatility

Benefits Of T3 Modular System

Zim – exhibiting at the NEC, Birmingham
Gabriel-Chemie exhibiting in Telford
The T3 system can be used for everything from conference sets, in pop up shops and portable kitchens or bars to the traditional exhibition stand. By offering endless display possibilities and being completely reconfigurable and reusable, the T3 Modular Exhibition Stands has unlimited capability and undisputable versatility.

Despite being light weight, the T3 frames are still incredibly strong, being able to carry all types of substrates including tension fabric graphics, rigid PVC or foamex, semi-rigid PVC and acrylics. Besides that, they can also support plasma screens and heavy display shelving, leading to a high quality displaying.

All these factors listed above already speak for the T3 Modular Exhibition Stand, but hold on, we are not done yet.
Every frame is manufactured in the United Kingdom. Because the T3 Modular Exhibition Stands are all completely reusable you cut out significant amount of waste and due to their re-configurability you won’t need to purchase the same display over and over again, you can simply redesign them and then reuse the same frames. Also the T3 Systems promise a lifetime guarantee on all frames for normal use. An additional reassurance of the quality and dependability of the frames.
So, in conclusion; you not only save labour costs due to the easy ‘’twist-and-lock’’ technology that makes it so easy and quick to build the stands up, you also need no tools at all to do so. T3 system saves you the money you would normally spend on transport, personnel and storage. Besides that, you get endless display possibilities, as well as a custom look and feel.
So, after showing you all the benefits of the T3 Modular Exhibition Stands, it only appears sensible to ask to design your next sand when you’re preparing for your next big event or exhibition show

AXIS – NEC Birmingham