The lockdown is almost over for many retail businesses with July 1 being the date announced for the return to retail business and there will a rush for the hairdressers that you can’t afford to miss out on.

This is the time you need to prepare for your re-opening and ensure you welcome your customers with the right signage and the most efficient and practical protective gear for your employees. The rush to return to hairdressers will be fast and a busy time in the first few weeks following the lockdown. But the really important issue will be in getting your customers to return because they feel comfortable and can see you have made the working environment welcoming with visible attention to their health.

There are four main issues you need to look after before you open:

  • Carry out a risk assessment before starting any work or buying equipment
  • Establish a workable procedure for cleaning your premises, looking after the general hygiene for customers and providing handwashing facilities for your employees
  • Assess how to keep a 2-metre social distancing policy that works
  • Have a highly visible series of signs and posters, floor signs and information posters in your premises for both customers and employees

hairdresser back to work  Hairdressers

Remember – the initial rush to hairdressers will fade after a few weeks and you will be back to ‘business as usual’ in terms of visits from customers but they will still need reassuring that what you are doing to keep them safe will work

This is also an opportunity to look at how to promote your business as we return to a more more normal retail life: can you have branded face masks or gloves? Will you have enough signage to cover the important areas of your business and most importantly, will they be workable and make sense to your customers?

Image Line Exhibitions has been working in the field of customer signage for decades and we understand the issues and what you will need to keep your employees and customers informed and safe.

From signage, barriers, sanitising stations, face masks, gloves and shields, we can help you with these items and provide the right environment to make sure you remain a cut above the rest.

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